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to see the sun kelly jensen 9781626498303 amazon books the world in which to see the sun is set isscribed in enoughtail to make it real while thescriptions never take awayom the main love story. the against the odds romance between bram and gael grows slowlyanically at times almost against either mans wishes and is all the more glorious for it. to see the sun by kelly jensen goodreads to see the sun is a sf m/m romance set almost entirely on the remote and hostile pl of alkirak. bram is an exminer turned farmer leading a quiet life on his own land claim. gael is an interstellar runawayom the dystopian megacity on the pl of zhemosen barely more than a kid fleeing a life thats set tostroy him. to see the sun by kelly jensen paperback barnes amp noble to see the sun is a beautiful story about romance hope and finding someone to share your life with. it was down to earth and dangerous and romantic and realistic. i had a hard time putting it down as i wanted to know how the story continues. to see the sun desert faith series book one peggy blann the portrayal of las vegas in to see the sun to see the sun desert faith series book ranscends the typical stereotype of sin city and gives rers a glimpse of the lives of real people in the person of her characters.

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